Alberta Comics: Home – Open Call For Submissions

Be part of a new comics anthology by Alberta’s comic creators, published by Renegade Arts Entertainment.

In this inaugural issue of Alberta Comics, we’re seeking stories about characters who relate strongly to their space, their base, or their roots. Be it positive or negative, our homes help create us, and these last few years of distancing, cohorts and quarantines have likely made that even clearer. A home might become a haven as the outside world descends into chaos, or it might also feel like a cage. It can be both. A setting can be as much a character as a person. Sometimes we long for places simply for their beauty, but more often we’re seeking a reunion with a person, family or community. 

We believe that our networks will rally around an anthology as a way to support comic creators, and this first collection is meant as a tribute to the creative potential of an interesting locale.

What we’re looking for:

We are seeking work that falls into one or more the following categories: 

  • characters, stories and scenery that are quintessentially Albertan 
  • characters who are inspired to spin fantastical fiction or slice-of-life stories out of the everyday environments and interactions they experience at home
  • characters whose experience expands the meaning of the word ‘home’, perhaps finding themselves grounded in an unexpected way
  • critiques of the idea of a ‘good home’, questioning commercialization, our ideas of what constitutes a ‘real’ family, comfort, and what’s considered ‘normal’
  • factual, fictional or futuristic stay-at-home pandemic experiences
  • stories that showcase supportive artistic communities 
  • gratitude/mindfulness in conflict with indifference/boredom
  • stories with a playful, or ‘meta’ attitude towards settings (ie: in which the ‘close ups’ and ‘establishing shots’ contradict one-another in creative or surprising ways, etc)
  • something else the theme ‘home’ inspires you to create

Who can apply:

We are looking to work with comics artists and writers currently living in Alberta, or born in Alberta. Pairs of people working together or in groups must include a writer or lead-artist living in Alberta. 


We want to showcase a province with as much variety as the weather here in May. A diverse assembly of styles, characters, and creators is a priority.

Though this anthology is being produced for an adult audience, it is being made for distribution in bookstores so submissions should not contain gratuitous sexual or violent imagery, or be filled with explicit language. Your story can include sexuality, violence and swearing but it must serve the story in a sensitive and meaningful way.

Stories in which characters are the victim of harassment – be it sexual, racial, homophobic, ableist, body-shaming, political or otherwise – must be treated with the sensitivity these issues warrant. Powerful, prominent, and pro-active diverse characters are encouraged.

How it works:

If we accept your pitch, we’ll acquire the exclusive first publishing license to your story. One year after the publication date, you will be able to send the story to other publishers, self-publish, share online, etc. Our license with you will then be a non-exclusive publishing license for the life of the copyright, but only for use within this anthology, both digital, print, and reprints.

There is a $100 per page license fee, with a maximum of 12 pages per story. Two copies of the final anthology will be sent to each participating creator at no cost to the creator. 

The suggested fee breakdown for groups of two or more is: writers receive $21.00 per page, pencilers receive $41.00 per page, inkers receive $16.00 per page, colourists receive $16.00 per page, and letterers receive $6.00 per page. 


Submission deadline: Sept 30

Confirmation of Acceptance: by Oct 21

Finished scripts or thumbnails: Nov 31

Early Bird Deadline: Jan 5

Final Files Delivered by: Feb 5

Launching Spring/Summer 2022

Finished Size: 

6.625 x 10.25 inches with 0.125 bleed on all sides. We’ll provide file specifications to successful creators.

We’re looking for stories as long as twelve pages, and as short as one, as well as some pure illustration pieces or single panel comics. Artists are encouraged to delay the completion of artwork until after submissions are accepted, and any editorial notes have been received. The anthology will have a satisfying mix of themes, lengths and styles.

It would be great if successful creators assist with promoting the anthology, and if we run a crowdfunding campaign, probably via Kickstarter. It would be a way of raising awareness, growing the readership and adding a fun element to the production stage. If we achieve stretch goals, we’ll put more money into increasing the page rate. Creators whose work is accepted into the anthology will be paid regardless of the success of the campaign. Creators are encouraged to complete work by our Early Bird deadline, so that their work can be used to promote the book. 

Working Title:  Home: An Alberta Comics Anthology 

Publisher: Renegade Arts Entertainment

Editors: Shea Proulx, Emily Pomeroy, Alexander Finbow 

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