Happy Canada Day!

This weekend is an important time for not only celebration, but reflection. It has been a long and often difficult road to travel to where we are now as a people in Canada, and while there has been a lot progress, there is  also so much more that needs to be done. We at Renegade Arts Entertainment are a proudly Canadian company, but what does that mean?

When we sat discussing what to offer our fans this weekend, we batted around the idea of limiting our sale to Canadian creators. Then we thought on that. All our books, in one way or the other, have been touched by a Canadian creator. Our homebase, where we spend late hours chatting with creators from all over the world is sited on traditional Ĩyãħé Nakoda, Stoney Nakoda, lands. Whether a writer hails from Glasgow, a letterer from the United States or an artist from Saskatoon, it’s these differences in cultures that truly define what Canada is; a melting pot of peoples, coming together.

This is why, on Canada Day, we open our sale to all of our creator’s works, no matter where they are from, because Renegade is Canadian and we welcome everyone.

Have fun browsing, and remember to use the code: CANADA to save 25% off your purchase this weekend. (June 29-July 2)