Congratulations to Mandi, Hana, Claude and Taylor! Last weekend, A Slug Story was announced the winner of The Doug Wright ‘Egghead’ Award For Best Kid’s Book 2021. You can catch some of the coverage from the Quill and Quire here, and from CBC Books here.

A Slug Story is a semi-autobiographical graphic novel from Mandi and Hana Kujawa, illustrated by Claude St. Aubin, with colours by Lovern Kindzierski and letters by Taylor Esposito. The story follows a young boy named Marcus. When he is ridiculed at school, he begins to feel that his best efforts are second rate. His confidence already low, Marcus suffers a serious, virus-induced, brain injury. While in the hospital, and with the help of fellow patient Emily, Marcus learns to embrace the reality of who he is.