It’s time for two fantastic new books to be delivered into the world.

Original graphic novel A Slug Story by mother & daughter team, Mandi & Hana Kujawa (Saskatoon, Banff), drawn by Claude St. Aubin (Raymond, AB) with colours by Lovern Kindzierski and letters by Taylor Esposito.


Marcus is an enthusiastic boy, but when ridiculed at school, he begins to feel that his best efforts are second rate. His confidence already low, Marcus suffers a serious, virus-induced, brain injury. While in the hospital, and with the help of fellow patient Emily, Marcus learns to embrace the reality of who he is.

“A powerful and honest story that goes to places other, more sanitized narratives, do not. It is an important book.”– Mike Donachie, Toronto Star

“a beautiful and uplifting graphic novel that tackles some of life’s toughest questions and ultimately shows us how simple acts of kindness can mean everything to someone who is struggling in ways we may not understand.” Keven Skinner, Fox Force Five News

“A Warm, endearing story, skillfully tackling serious themes while also telling a lighthearted tale about a boy and his love for slugs. The hospital can be a scary place for a young person, A SLUG STORY will resonate with those who are or have been in a similar situation, and help process their experiences.” Stephanie Cooke, Oh My Gods & ParaNorthern

I love this book, it’s autobiographical and gives a really accessible, personal insight into what it is like being a child in hospital for an extended period of time, and what it’s like for that child’s parent. It’s a short one, and I think it should be on the book shelf alongside Reina Telgemeier’s autobiographical graphic novels. One for both younger readers and parents. Working with Mandi and Hana to help them tell this story was a moving and rewarding experience for me. I hope you enjoy their story too.


Awkward Pause by Ryan Harby (Winnipeg) is the first collection of Ryan’s hilarious Honey Dill web comic strips.


A love letter to odd humour, Awkward Pause is a mix of joy and sorrow, both soft and sharp. The book includes over 50 comics, which range in topic from mental health to time travel, murder, and butts. Absurd and strange in ways that will warm even the coldest of hearts.

“belongs in every bathroom and deserves to sit atop all of our coffee tables so that our houseguests can be entertained to the fullest…this one is funny as Hell!” 4.5/5 Keven Skinner, Fox Force Five News

“Hilarious, original, and strange in the best sense of the word, Awkward Pause is a worthy comics collection from one of the internet’s best.” – Sarah Andersen, Sarah’s Scribbles

“A highly enjoyable journey into a silly world of murderous bears, ghosts haunting your body, and nicely drawn butts. We’re fans!” – Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz, War and Peas

Awkward Pause offers delicious bites of comedy wrapped in a superb art style!”– Chris McCoy, Safely Endangered

Ryan is a real Canadian cartoon superstar in the making. Clever, witty and humble, like his work, Awkward Pause is sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Both books are available from your favourite comic and book stores, as well as our web store.