Channel Evil Deluxe Edition


A slick and sleazy chat show host gets more than he bargained for when he channels an ancient source of evil, unleashing terror and carnage upon the world.

136 pages


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Ultimate edition includes:

An original signed, Shane Oakley inked panel from Channel Evil

Set of 10 Cover Art Prints

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    Collecting all four issues of the Channel Evil series.

    Plus a new strip ‘An Evening with Ba’al’ written by Alan Grant and illustrated by D’Israeli.


  • Writer: Alan Grant
  • Art: Shane Oakley
  • Letterer: Jamie Grant
  • Ink Assist: Suzanne O’Brian
  • Editor: Alexander Finbow
  • Cover Artist: Shane Oakley
  • 136 pages. Black and white, with additional colour pages.

Also includes the original Shane Oakley covers and Variant cover artwork from:


  • Frank Quitely
  • Mark Buckingham
  • D’Israeli
  • Wayne Nichols

‘A spine-tinglingly twisted tale that proves that too much TV really is bad for your health. ALan Grant and Shane Oakley have crafted a masterwork of terror that chills you to the bone.’ -Edward Kaye, Newsarama.



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