Dustship Glory


176 page, beautifully illustrated graphic novel

A powerful and visually striking adaptation of the original novel by Andreas Schroeder.

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Elaine M. Will’s four-part adaptation of Andreas Schroeder’s 1986 novel Dustship Glory tells the story of Damanus ‘Tom’ Sukanen, a Finnish immigrant farmer who came to Canada during the economic Depression of the 1930s. Haunted by his past and devastated by the economic slump and drought conditions that laid waste to the Canadian prairies in the 1930s, Sukanen responded by building a full-sized ship in his farmyard, hundreds of miles from the sea. The complete graphic novel, Dust-Ship Glory, is now available. Will is the Xeric Award-winning Canadian author and cartoonist behind the critically acclaimed mental health drama graphic novel, Look Straight Ahead.

“I can find the spirit of these stories in Elaine Will’s Dust-Ship Glory. Desperation. Resourcefulness. Community. Hope.”

Splashes and Speech Bubbles

“Beautifully drawn and written, this is a wonderful character-driven story, as well as a commentary on mental illness and family.”

Rogues Portal

“I was drawn to it because it was such a strange story and there was something eerie and magical about it.”

CBC News Saskatoon




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