Shame: Pursuit


When the purest woman on earth allows herself one selfish thought it is enough to conceive the most evil woman the world has ever known.

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From the imaginations of award winning creators Lovern Kindzierski, John Bolton and Todd Klein, is born the dark faery tale trilogy Shame.
“This book is a pure joy to behold. Every page crackles with a sumptuous, organic energy. Highly recommended.”

– Paul Pope, Eisner award winning artist and writer

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Part 2 in the Shame series follows Shame’s development after escaping her prison and embracing her father’s evil nature. Virtue, reborn into the body of Shame’s child, has spent 16 years trapped in Cradle, originally created to contain and nurture her daughter. Now it has been corrupted and become a dangerous jungle populated by the twisted torturers that once were dryads and sprites. Outside, Shame’s evil power has spread. Many people fall victim to her influence or are put to the sword or flame. Some of the survivors band together and fight back. Of these rebels there is a young man, Merritt. He searches the heart of the Great Swamp to find the one person who might save them from Shame’s evil rule, Virtue.


  • Writer: Lovern Kindzierski
  • Art: John Bolton
  • Letterer: Todd Klein
  • Editor: Alexander Finbow
  • 64 Pages, 60 fully painted watercolour strip pages
  • Suggested for mature readers.
  • Pursuit is book 2 in the Shame trilogy


“The story is dark but spellbinding, and the art’s gorgeous realism makes the tale compelling and take on a life of its own.”

– John Kirk, Pop Mythology

“I’m 100% engrossed in this strange adult fairy tale, which is loaded with some of the most captivating and wonderfully macabre imagery that one is likely to ever see in a comic book. Spells, demonic forces and a mother/daughter rivalry for the ages all make Shame a must-own for lovers of dark fantasy.”

– Keven Skinner, Fox Force Five

“Shame is a great fantasy story and also features some of the best art you’ll ever see in comics.”

Turnaround Blog

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