96 page,full colour graphic novel

Faith and facts collide on a Creationist-themed golf course when the daughter of a widowed creationist falls for the adopted son of a gay paleontologist.  Unbeknownst to the lovers, a prehistoric dino-shark has emerged from hibernation, leaving a trail of death and destruction. Will the creationist and paleontologist settle their ideological differences or will Sharkasaurus devour them all?

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The theme of Sharkasaurus is evolution. All central characters go through a transformation or metamorphosis. When faced with might and the awesome power of Sharkasaurus, the disparate characters are forced to work together, adapt and become the best versions of themselves or be killed in terrifying ways.

Adapted from the screenplay for the forthcoming Asylum Pictures movie – Sharkasaurus, to be directed by the comic writer, Spencer Estabrooks.

“Sharkasaurus is exactly like Jaws… if Jaws had dinosaur legs, swam through the desert and lived in a religious golf course.” – Tracy

“Sharkasaurus is mind-bogglingly suspenseful, entertaining and as badass as the badlands!” – Stephanie Chan (Smash Pages)

“Pretty incredible and highly entertaining.”-



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