Tales of the Buddha Before He Got Enlightened


Collecting all the stories created so far for the very first time, from the powerhouse team of Alan Grant, Jon Haward and Jamie Grant. Tales of The Buddha Before He Got Enlightened answers the question ‘just what did this holiest of men do before gaining enlightenment?’

ISBN: 9780986820069

Pages: 80

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The stories take an extremely lighthearted approach to Buddha’s journey of discovery as he samples other religions whilst hanging out with other well know religious icons, as well as getting the chance to experience life’s more physical pleasures along the way.

The print edition features new strips not found in the digital release plus pin-ups from Simon Bisley, Cam Kennedy, Glen Fabry and more.

This book is intended for open minded ADULTS ONLY and is not recommended for anyone easily offended by strong language, sex, cartoon violence, drug related imagery and references, or anyone who is insecure in their religious beliefs. This is a humour strip and pokes fun at everyone and everything along the way. If you think you may be offended, do not buy this book.

The digital download is 69 pages (including covers) of comic strips and pinups from artists including Simon Bisley, Cam Kennedy, and Glen Fabry. The book also includes Jon Haward’s ‘How to draw Buddha in six easy steps’ guide. This digital book is presented in PDF format which should open just fine on all PCs, Macs and mobile devices with PDF reader software. Tales of the Buddha is free from any digital rights management so you can easily move it between computers and devices whenever you feel like it.


“I am overjoyed that Renegade will be releasing Tales of the Buddha. I consider it to be my funniest work since the sad demise of Lobo monthly. It contains some of Jon Haward’s most beautiful and delicate art, with coloring and lettering by Jamie Grant of Superman fame. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll…with a smattering of violence. My copy is already ordered!”

– Alan Grant, author

“Irreverent, satirical and laugh-out-loud funny…a bizarre, funny and certainly raunchy poke in the ribs of the world’s great religions.”

– Rob Alexander, Rocky Mountain Outlook

Funny at best and amusing at worst this one appeals most to those with a wicked sense of humour. Those who are easily offended should stay clear, as for the rest dig in and enjoy.”

– Chris Le Galle, Wicked Comics

Who knew the Buddha could make me laugh so hard I cried?”

– Gary M. Miller, Delusional Honesty

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