Hector Ashton staggers out of the St. Boniface Hospital psych ward and falls into the Red river. In his delusional state he thinks that he is Odysseys and has been swept into the river Styx. By the time Hector manages to struggle out of the river, he has washed up in the club district of Winnipeg and believes he is now deep in the Underworld. Hector will have to face the trials that Odysseus himself faced on his journey as he makes his way back to sanity, his home and family.

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UNDERWORLD unites Lovern Kindzierski and GMB Chomichuk, two of Winnipeg’s most successful creative minds for the first time, in a book that weaves a tale through the streets of their city, the mind of Hector and Homer’s mythical epic.

‘Foreword by Mike Carey, New York Times bestselling author of The Unwritten and Lucifer.’


    • Writer: Lovern Kindzierski
    • Artist: GMB Chomichuk
    • Letterer: Ed Brisson
    • Editor: Alexander Finbow

Hardcover 128 pages of myth, mystery and intrigue.


“Both the art and writing compliment each other in profound ways, really hammering home a world that is blurred between fantasy and reality.”
– Kevin Skinner, Fox Force Five News
“As much gritty noir-flavoured thriller as fantastic mythical escapade, Underworld overlays the classic poem’s thematic skeleton with a grimy modern visual skin of vice and violence which is chillingly authentic and masterfully evocative, but never forgets that at its core the story is about a fallen hero finding redemption through struggle…”
–  Win Wiacek, Comics Review 
“An amazing, if disturbing, experience – and experience is definitely the right word here. This isn’t just a comic, it’s a glimpse into insanity. I’m impressed, because I didn’t think comics (as much as I love them) could be quite so affecting. This is a story that will stay with me for quite some time, I’m sure of that.”
– Zoe Kirk Robinson, webcomics.com

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