The maple leaf logo of True North Country Comics podcast sits above a moody black and white author photo of Bill Slavin.
Prairie Books Now ran a well written article on the graphic novel, including an interview with Bill Slavin by David Jón Fuller.
The byline mentions the genre as ‘Cli-Fi’ which is the first time we’d heard the term, blending science fiction and climate change. I’m not sure who coined the term, maybe you do?

Cli-fi mystery questions our digital dependence, and survival amid decay.

‘In the early 22nd century, tech scavenger Mordecai Crow barely escapes a group of bandits by reaching Jarrow, a castle-like community wealthy in food. Rare in a world ravaged by climate change, it’s one of the mysteries Crow tries to unravel as he works with Jarrow’s archivists.’

Unfortunately for Crow – and society – most digital information we take for granted has been lost. “I think we are destined to become the most documented, and least remembered, generation to inhabit the Earth in a long time,” Slavin says.

You can also listen to Bill chatting about his comics creation process, his influences and favourite comics with John Swinimer, host of the True North Country Comics podcast. Listen to the podcast here.