Happy Friday! Emily here, with some happy news. Every year, the Virginia Library Association’s Graphic Novel Diversity Awards celebrate graphic novels that feature diversity in all its forms, including colour/race, ethnicity/nationality, disability whether mental or physical, feminism, ageism, religion, forced minority and LGBTQ2SIA+/sexual orientation. We are so pleased to note that King Warrior was recognized on this year’s ‘Overfloweth’ list in the ‘Youth’ category, alongside many other strong submissions.

Comments from the judges included:

“A very clever and culturally unique entry.”
“It was well developed and surprisingly detail packed.”
“A great way to use folk stories and characters from diverse settings as a vehicle to create a unique fantasy world alongside a believable and emotional real-life.”

You can read the press release here.

The VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Awards support libraries in their educational role, increase the visibility of diversity in graphic novels, and increase the chance for diverse readers to see themselves within the page. The VLA is doing amazing work in this regard, and we can’t wait to read through this year’s great list of winners, honour books, and overfloweth titles.