As strange as the world is at the moment, it’s comforting to know that some things (like TCAF) are able to transcend space and time and still allow us to connect with one another. In fact, it’s connections – between parent and child, between dear friends, between lovers, a setup and a punchline – that are at the heart of every story, and certainly at the heart of the stories we have to share with you this year. From heartwarming tales of friendship and resilience, to a story of love that transcends even death, to humourous accounts of butts and bees with moustaches, I truly believe we’ve got a book for every reader.

Though we’re unable to welcome you in person this year, we hope you enjoy the virtual visit and can’t wait to see you at our ‘table’!

Check out our programming guide below:

Renegade Break-Out Room — May 8 | 5:00 PM EST


We can’t see you in person, but we’ve never been more excited to see you online. Join Renegade creators Sam Beiko (Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures), Derek Evernden (Bogart Creek), Ryan Harby (Awkward Pause), Lovern Kindzierski (Shame series), Ryan Danny Owen (Pass me By: Gone Fishin’), Shea Proulx (Alice at Naptime), Kyle Simmers (Pass me By: Gone Fishin’), & more.

We know one of the things that makes TCAF a special time is the chance to meet with other creators and fans, and we know we all miss the chance to mix, mingle, and connect with others. The venue may be different, but the spirit is the same. See you then!

Health (S)Care: Personal and Global Perspectives – May 13 | 4:00 PM EST


There has perhaps been no other time in recent history where our health care has been brought to the forefront of our consciousness as during the COVID-19 pandemic. This panel explores health care narratives and the anxieties we face around health care issues both from personal and global perspectives. Glen Downey (Chair of Strategic Thinking with The York School) talks to Mandi and Hana Kujawa, mother and daughter collaborative team behind A Slug Story, about drawing inspiration from their personal experience involving a serious brain injury as a side-effect of a virus and subsequent hospitalization. Publisher of Graphic Mundi, Kendra Boileau, along with artist Maureen Burdock, also join the discussion by looking at excerpts from COVID Chronicles an anthology that examines all the ways large and small that COVID-19 has affected everyone from essential workers to parents juggling working from home while homeschooling.

Libraries & Education Day 2021 — May 14th


Good for Health, Better for Education: Science Fiction Comics | 1:30pm to 2:30pm EST

Inspired by the tagline “Good For Health, Bad For Education” from sci-fi cyberpunk graphic novel series AKIRA, Good for Health, Better for Education is a panel discussion between creators J. TorresRonald WimberlyS.M. Beiko, librarian Kim Hull and moderator Angélique Roché. The program will explore the future of sci-fi graphic novels and the value of incorporating them in classrooms and libraries, from AKIRA and beyond.

Comics Publisher Speed-Dating | 4:00pm EST

Join NBM/PapercutzRenegade Arts EntertainmentHighwater/Portage & Main, and Arsenal Pulp Press for a series of short sessions to learn about new and forthcoming graphic novels from each press and meet creators. Over the course of this session publishers will rotate between your break-out rooms in 10-15 mini-sessions that offer a mix of presentations and Q&A session!