When Big Bears Invade


Children, children. Gather round, your grandmother, and I will tell you of the time before the benevolent bears showed humanity how to live in harmony with the world. A time when humans ran amok, threatening to destroy the very world we all share so happily now. A time when the Big Bears made sure humanity paid attention to their message. And it happened here, in our very own Canada.’


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Manitoba artist Nyco Rudolph and Alberta writer Alexander Finbow join creative forces to reveal the myth behind how the Benevolent Bears came to rule over us all. An illustrated children’s book for adults featuring beautiful Godzilla and King Kong inspired paintings of Giant Bears attacking major Canadian cities and landmarks. Includes Grizzly Bear Colossuses attacking the CN Tower, Spirit Bears surfing the Tsunami into Vancouver, a huge Bearnado ripping into Winnipeg, giant bear cubs playing jump rope with the Eastern Gateway pipeline, Polar Bear Behemoths dropping a glacier on to the oil sands, and the Giant Bears delivering a very Canadian wall to keep the Americans out. At least that’s what Granny says really happened.
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“Canadian Carnage-Filled Fun for The Whole Family…a delightful funny tale and one that my kids absolutely adored. 5/5 stars.”

– Keven Skinner, Fox Force Five

With writer Alexander Finbow’s wonderful rhyming and storytelling and Nyco Rudolph’s stellar illustrations, this book weaves a fun tale about the peaceful, maple syrup eating, hockey-loving, toque-wearing nation of Canada being overrun and destroyed by BIG bears…When I first read it, I I felt like a kid again. Here’s hoping that Finbow and Rudolph decide to wake the big bears from hibernation again.”

– Chris Doucher, Geek Nerd Net

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